This Video Will Have You Completely Rethink How You Conduct Yourself Online And In Person

This Video Will Have You Completely Rethink How You Conduct Yourself Online And In Person (Video)
World Aug 8, 4:37pm

We, as human beings, think that through social networks, we’ve somehow become more social creatures.

The problem with this theory is, the more we “connect” online, the less actual human interactions we have, making us actually fairly unsocial.

A new video breaks down exactly how the social aspects of human beings have evolved and transformed, showing how we’ve regressed from a social standpoint.

Shimi Cohen shows exactly what’s wrong with our social structure now, and how we manipulate how we want to be presented to peers, family members, and potential mates on social media, rather than having vulnerable and genuine conversations in real time.

Check out this video below, and take a moment to truly assess how you conduct yourself, both online and in person.

Article by Robert Gordon

Hailing from Queens, New York, Robert Gordon is constantly working, whether he is running the World News section of Elite Daily or roaming New York City on photographic expeditions. A diehard sports fan who’s had his heart constantly broken by the Knicks and Mets, Robert can be seen donning orange and blue attire all throughout the city. Under the moniker Robbie Fingers, he creates visuals from music videos to short films with his partner, ManuallFocus.

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