Tagged: 5#CALLS was 100% recorded and edited on the mobile phone using resources director’s own handset. The scripts were sent by SMS to the actresses Stresser Guta

5#CALLS _ project [english]


The project  5#CALLS was all recorded and edited on the mobile phone of the director Giuliano Chiaradia, using all the resources of their own mobile device.

The scripts were sent by SMS to the actresses Guta Stresser, Natalia Lage, Amanda Richter, Graziela Schmmit and Julianne Trevisol.

As sound track he used the ring tones and even the wallpapers were used as graphics.

All this experimentation makes 5#CALLS a project exploring 100% mobile using all the features and possibilities of this new media: immediacy, mobility, unusual angles, practicality.

5#Calls was selected by the Cannes Festival 2012, Festival International Image Colombia in 2012, International Film Festival in very short Brasilia in 2011 and 2nd International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 in Wellington (New Zealand).

5#CALLS project was presented as a study of “case” in Berlin, Germany, during the Euro 2012 Campus Party.


The experience had cell phones that record and transmit live on the internet, which allowed the audience to accompany the recordings in real time through social networks.

The end result is a collection of 05 (five) art videos, making of, SMS text, photos and wallpapers that are part of an innovative production in the genre of new media.


NATALIA LAGE making of

Graziela Schmitt making of

5#CALLS is a project of new media at Set Experimental had an article published in Vague Terrain, main reference in the world of digital art, was also published in The American blog Creactors Project, associated with famous magazine Vice, and Veja Magazine and Journal O Globo, major print media in Brazil.






The Set Experimental ® is a pioneer in the production of audiovisual content for cell phone, responsible for producing independent short of the first mobile in Latin America and the first music video in Brazil using the same mobile resource for bands Detonautas Roque Club, Pato Fu, and Robert King Carlos, and winning these clips recorded with 100% mobile phone.


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Set Experimental avant-garde content

A Set Experimental new media project.
Directed by Giuliano Chiaradia.

Experimentalist and poetic, 5#CALLS was 100% recorded and edited on the mobile phone using resources director’s own handset. The scripts were sent by SMS to the actresses Stresser Guta, Natalia Lage, Amanda Richter, Graziela Schmmit and Julianne Trevisol to sonorize were used ring tones and even wallpapers was used as graphic material. The experience had phones that record and transmit live over the Internet.

The result is a collection of five videos in the genre of poetry innovative experimentation in new media.

5#CALLS _ The movie


Selected by the Cannes Film Festival, International Festival in Colombia and Image International Film Festival in Brasilia and the 2nd International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 in Wellington (New Zealand) the 5#CALLS project will be presented in Berlin, in Germany, during the Campus Party Euro.

5#CALLS is a new media project by Set Experimental  which had an article published in Vague Terrain, main reference in the world of digital art, also on the american blog The Creactors Project, associated with famous magazine Vice and on Veja magazine and O Globo newspapper, major print media in Brazil.

Now open to the public on social networks and at Set Experimental channel on Youtube, the 5#CALLS project follows by exhibitions around the world.

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5#CALLS   Making Of:

Um projeto Set Experimental de Novas Mídias.
Dirigido por Giuliano Chiaradia.

Experimentalista e poético, 5#CALLS   foi de 100% gravado e editado no celular usando os recursos do próprio aparelho diretor. Os roteiros foram enviados por SMS para as atrizes Guta Stresser, Natália Lage, Amanda Richter, Graziela Schmmit e Julianne Trevisol para sonorize toques foram usados ​​e até mesmo papéis de parede foi usado como material gráfico. A experiência teve telefones que gravam e transmitem ao vivo pela Internet.

O resultado é uma coleção de cinco vídeos no gênero da poesia experiências inovadoras em novas mídias.

5#CALLS _ The movie


Selecionado pelo Festival de Cannes, Festival Internacional da Imagem na Colombia e Festival Internacional de Filmes Curtíssimos em Brasília e no 2nd International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 em Wellington (Nova Zelândia) o projeto 5#CALLS será apresentado essa semana em Berlim na Alemanha durante a Campus Party Euro.

5#CALLS é um projeto de novas mídias da Set Experimental que teve artigo publicado na Vague Terrain, principal referência de arte digital no mundo, também foi publicado no blog americano The Creactors Project, associado a famosa revista Vice, e na Revista Veja e Jornal O Globo, principais meios impressos no Brasil.

Agora liberado ao público nas redes sociais e no canal da Set Experimental no Youtube, o projeto 5#CALLS segue em exposição pelo mundo.

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The Creactors Project:


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