#microfugas project _ English version

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Does the internet unite or separate people?




#microfugas project

microfugas foto1

#microfugas is a itinerant video installation that unites people around the world, around a table to discuss a common theme to modern society: the virtual relationships.



From studies conducted in the area of social behavior of modern humans, the project #microfugas depicts how relationships between individuals are becoming increasingly virtual, ignoring the physical social contact.

The video-installation #microfugas promotes a playful digital environment, where the meeting virtual is approaching the maximum of physical reality.

People around the world, literally connected around a bar table to discuss how we are living the theme:

” Does the internet unite or separate people?

microfugas foto4

The project #microfugas aims to make global exhibitions in multidisciplinary centers of art, galleries and museums of the world proposing the confrontation between the virtual and real relationships.

For this experiment we created a symbol of social meeting point among those represented by a bar table and four chairs.

In three of these seats will be installed and connected computers by Skype with people from different parts of the world, talking on video conferencing.

Each computer has a webcam, allowing the conversation between the three is seen by all. The three exposed surfers will have the opportunity to interact with each other and a fourth person, in this case will the visitor of the exhibition.

The visitors sit in fourth seat, allowing their experience of virtual relationship with the Internet.

Weatherizing this experience and confrontation between the virtual and real

outdoor scenes of everyday life will be projected on the walls of the room,

well as accurate and up to date on the internet


Just add one of these accounts to your Skype:

microfugas1 OR microfugas2 OR microfugas3

See which of these accounts are free and ready for video conferencing!

You will be connected online with people around the world,

within a virtual bistro, an art gallery anywhere on the planet!

microfugas foto6


To accomplish this social experience it is necessary:

• 03 computers with webcam connected with broadband.

• 01 network notebook.

• 01 security or ordinary web camera.

• 02 video projectors.

• 02 DVD players.

• 04 chairs.

• 01 bar table.

objects referring to the bar / cafe.

The project #microfugas has been presented on SESC Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

And on residence and exposion at the Gallery La Chambre Blanche_ Quebec City, Canada.

microfugas foto4

During the exhibition of the project #microfugas, a documentary being shot in various languages, with all people who lives this virtual experience.

Internet users anywhere in the world can also interact with exposure in real time, through social networks moderate.

microfugas giuliano

Author and Curator of art:

Giuliano Chiaradia.

Creative leader and founder of Set Experimental®.

Director and copy writer for tv shows for Globo Television Network, is a pioneer in new media content and new concepts transmedia.

He worked for 10 years at MTV Networks as Director and Senior Producer in the Departments of creation for the channel in Brazil and the United States.

Formed in the Social Communication, with specialized courses in film, written and directed abroad and MBA for New Media.Was four times internationally awarded and several times in Brazil for groundbreaking works in audiovisual.

Producer and director of the first mobile short (audiovisual made a cell phone) in Latin America and the first music video in Brazil using the same mobile application.

Artist in Residence at La Chambre Blanche, the first center of Art multimedia in Quebec in Canada.

Jobs: Set Experimental/ Mtv Brasil/ Nickelodeon Viacom Mtv Networks/ La Chambre Blanche/

Rede Globo de Televisão.

Fluent Languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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